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Important preparations that you must do before visiting Canada

There are many people from the different parts of the world who want to visit Canada. No wonder why because the said country is very beautiful and there are lots of tourist spots that one can go to. However, going to Canada is not as easy as booking an airline ticket and boarding a plane.

Depending on your nationality, you would need some type of a visa or authorization to enter Canada. For instance, US citizens do not need a tourist visa, but they have to prove that they are really citizens of the United States. On the other hand, there are also countries that are not required to secure the regular type of a tourist visa, but they have to get the so-called Electronic Travel Authorization or ETA. Other than this, the other nationalities will have to go through the normal processing of a visit visa.

Getting a tourist visa or ETA

hdhdd64Securing a regular visit visa or ETA to Canada can be both done online. You can also seek the assistance of a reliable travel agency to help you fill out the application form and submit it afterwards. If you live in Netherlands and you need to go over the eTA application process in Dutch, then you should look for one. There are travel agencies that you can contact. You just to have to choose one that has a good reputation in helping out people who want to visit Canada.

If you need a regular visit visa, you can also apply at the Canadian embassy. Be sure though that you have all the required documents with you.

Preparing for the trip

hdhdd74Once you have your visa or ETA, whichever applies to your status, then you can already start looking up air fares. Again, there are various websites that you can utilize to search for the best deal. It will help a lot if you book your ticket, at least, a month before your intended departure date so that the tickets will be cheaper.

Next up, you also need to make a reservation at a hotel of your choice in Canada. This would, of course, depend on the specific place that you want to go to. Just like the air ticket, it would be good if you can do this ahead of time, so you will be able to enjoy discounts and save some money.

Another thing that you should do when going to Canada as a tourist is to make a list of all the tourist spots that you want to see. Make sure that you also do your homework and see how to get to those destinations.…