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Understanding the right size of gear for your next snorkeling adventure

Snorkeling is very popular these days. You can travel to places that are surrounded by clear water so you can try this amazing outdoor activity. A lot of people have been doing it as a hobby. For you to enjoy this much better, you must have some kind of idea of how to do it. Knowing how to swim is a must; you just can’t jump into the water and start snorkeling. This sport takes practice.

With this sport, you have to know how to use the snorkeling gear. The different type of gear has to fit the right way. Otherwise, the water will get in, and you won’t be able to see or breathe.

Here are the gear that you need:


The snorkel tube sounds simple, but it isn’t. What this does is allow the air to travel up from the water and down to your lungs. An adult male would need a much bigger tube to allow more air to travel through. Studies have shown that an adult female needs even larger tube than an adult male needs.


2This is a lot like wearing a pair of shoes; if you don’t get the right size, then they will hurt your feet. You don’t want them to be too big, or they will just keep falling off. If you go with those that are too tight, then they will hurt you while you use them.

They should be snug just to where your foot slides into them. They have two types of flippers; ones that are open in the back with just a strap and others have a hole back to them.

Face mask

3This is the most important part of the gear. This has to fit your face correctly, or it will allow water to get in your face mask. The face mask needs to be snug but not so tight that it hurts. The way you can tell it is too tight is when you take it off, and it leaves a red mark to where it was resting on your face.

If your mask is too tight, it will also give you a headache. There should be a chart that will help you choose a face mask. They also come with an adjustable strap, so you get the proper fit.

When choosing the best gear, you should take the time and make sure it is comfortable. If you opt for a cheap set, your snorkeling experience would be a good one.…

Best Hiking Destinations in Chaing Mai

Chaing Mai is a beautiful city which is attractive and appealing all thanks to its ancient history and the recent developments that have been made to the city. It is found in the mountainous Northern Thailand which is the best tourist attractions like Trekking in Chiang Mai. Thailand’s cultural and religious center. Chaing Mai boasts of hundreds of Buddhist Temples which are adorned with carved serpents and are very important to the people of Thailand.

Hiking in Chaing Mai

Mae Sa Valley Hike

Mae Sa Valley is endowed with beautiful forests and valleys which faswdadsdaorm a perfect adventure tour to anybody who fancies hiking. It has various remote scenic splendors with unmatched jungle trails that make this valley more attractive and adventurous.

When hiking through this valley, you will have the pleasure of tracking through various farmlands and villages as you experience a rich cultural setting of the Thai people. You will hike through rugged landscape before going into the rain forest with stunning three structures and valleys that attractive to the eye. This valley makes hiking a wonderful expedition.

Doi Inthanon National Park

Your hiking experience will not be complete in Chaing Mai without visiting the Doi Inthanon National Park where you will have a chance to hike through the park and even enjoy overnight stay at the park. The park has wooden walkways with soothing melodies of a variety of bird species at the park.

Trekking through the jungle is fun as you experience the breathtaking fauna and flora and many animal species that are attractive to look at. The park is home to Vachiratarn Waterfall which is eye catchy and ensures a sizzling adventure to be remembered while hiking in the jungle. It is a great experience to enjoy hiking in the park full of birds, animals, and various tree species.

High Mountain Hikidsfsfsfsfng

Mountain hiking is quite impressive although many people are afraid to go up a mountain. Chaing Mai is naturally a mountainous city and therefore failing to hike to the peak of a mountain will be an opportunity wasted. While climbing the mountain, you will get a chance to go through various valleys and ridges found on the bottom of the mountain.

You will get a chance to mingle with the hill tribe and enjoy their culture and stunning lifestyle. The hike will not be complete before you get a view of the entire city from the top of the mountain, making your hiking tour fun and enjoyable.

With its mountainous and hilly nature, hiking through various spots in Chaing Mai demands complete fitness to make it a success and avoid jeopardizing the entire hiking tour. Chaing Mai is so far the best hiking destination around the globe.…

Best Texas Summer Vacation Destinations

Texas is a state that chiefly offers some of the best holiday vacation destinations in the world and primarily in the US. If you are looking to conjure an explorative and thrill filled vacation escapade, then, by all means, the Texas state herb is the ideal place to begin. Interestingly, it is worth noting that Texas receives over 100,000 visitors during the summer season and hence is one of the hotbeds of folks seeking to enjoy the Texas flare.

Facts about Texas

It is the 2nd largest state in the US and has collective visceral township linkages with four other areas namely: Austin, Houston, San Antonio and Dallas. All these towns form the attractive hotbed of the Texas state. Fundamentally, you should really take interest in visiting the following vacation destinations:

Texas summer vacation destinations


fe89we4ge4wg43Austin town is termed as a historically rich area that has remarkable architecture and societal groove. Within this town are very potent vacation destinations that offer significant attractive appeals and thrills. Ideally, the following are some of the best destinations to visit: Barton Spring pools and Lady Bird Lake. This area offers good cuisine options from the numerous restaurant and entertainment joints present.


If you are one fascinated by the cowboy life and the rich, dusty oil fields that denote the classical country life, then Dallas is one city you should never miss to visit. Dallas offers some of the best eateries in the south as well as fun and fair trades that are sure to rock your world. Additionally, there are accommodation reserves and avenues with some of the 5star hotels in Texas.


fi98fieijerg34rg43Home to the NBA franchise giants, Houston Mavericks, among other high-profile sports teams in major leagues round the US, Houston is definitely a must go vacation destination. It comes with buzzing forms of art and entertainment with some high ranking label industries having their anchorage here. Hotels and restaurants are likewise state of the art with the best services around the world. Some of the best vacation destinations are: River Oaks City, Vibrant museum district, Washington Avenue

San Antonio

Also known as the Spurs city, San Antonio is one vibrant city that offers the best vacation destinations. It is a city that pays tribute and homage to Alamo and More and subsequently has remarkable Mexicana and Spanish historic sites. There are 5-star hotels and restaurants present in S. Antonio and bubbling scenery such as Rio Grande Valley, Alamo drive.

Understandably, for all who have had the privilege to visit Texas bear one similar sage- Texas is the bright herb of wonderful vacations!…